7 Astonishing Vintage Engagement Rings you should definitely check out!

A dash of elegance, touch of sophistication and a lot of classiness, vintage engagement rings say something more than just ‘Will you marry me?’ It’s a blend of elegance and pizzazz and popping the question can never be more of a gentlemanly behavior if you get a vintage engagement ring for her. Looking at the classy rock her eyes will definitely sparkle and she will, for sure, go weak on her knees. An engagement ring is not just any other rock, so do it with style and chivalry, read on and marvel upon the various vintage engagement ring designs.

  • The Kalkora Ring

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    The Kalkora ring is nothing short of sheer beauty, geometrically designed and surrounded by twenty bezel accent diamonds, this European splendor is an amazing example of aesthetic.

  • The Beverly ring

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    The Art Nouveau era was famous for specific designs on its rings, like the curvature and asymmetrical pattern and the Beverly is no exception. Featuring a pearl that is cradled around by a split shank setting and two asymmetrical European cut diamonds, the Beverly ring concludes its exquisiteness with ten rose cut accent diamonds.

  • The Maui ring

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    With a dazzling European cut diamond in the center and twenty six other diamonds circling around, the Maui ring is more than aesthetic; it’s a visual representation of vintage elegance and craftsmanship. The detailing of the Maui ring is impeccable and there’s not a hint of fault that the human eye can see.

  • The Inverness ring

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    Intricacy and detailing is the key to the Inverness ring, a huge cut diamond in the center along with several other diamond accents encrusted in the ring. Your beloved will adore this gorgeous vintage ring.

  • The Torrie ring

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    An epic view of a bright blue sapphire encircled by a halo of eleven European diamonds, the Torrie ring is the representation of Retro glamour cementing its place in the top vintage engagement rings with its trademark floral design.

  • The Brenn ring

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    Another vintage brilliance of artistry spectacle is the Brenn ring. There are two channels of single cut diamonds and in the centre is a gorgeous old European cut diamond. Simple, but mesmerizing!

  • The Clementa ring

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    Image Source:brilliantearth.com

    an old European cut diamond in the center surrounded in 18k white gold.
    Any of these vintage engagement rings are perfect for the occasion when you get down on one knee. The moment will be passionate, the atmosphere romantic and the vintage ring, exquisite! She will definitely say ‘Yes!’

4 things to consider before buying right engagement ring

You’ve found the right girl, your partner in crime and your better half. Both the families have agreed to the relationship, now the final step is to pop the question. But you can’t do it without an engagement ring albeit you’ve an amazing proposal planned. Buying the right engagement ring can be a mighty task unless you’ve already prepared a methodical strategy. If not, then visiting several retail stores day-in and day-out is your only option, don’t worry, it’s still not late to open your notepad and start planning. Just follow the mentioned pointers and everything will be alright. Here’s how to choose engagement ring that will swoop her off her feet

  • Set a budget

  • The primary point is to establish a budget. This will make it easier for you while selecting rings for engagement and also the retailer as he will be focused on showing the best within your budget. Remember, there’s nothing romantic going into major debt, so buy the loveliest ring that you can afford. The rock is a symbol of your love, besides you can always buy her an expensive ring as an anniversary gift later down the line.

  • The right ring size

  • Most men screw up in this process, they get everything right except for the ring size. When the moment arrives and you’re down on one knee and the ring doesn’t fit, awkwardness ensues. The optimal way of getting the right size is to take a not-so old ring of your girlfriend and hand it over to the jeweler. It’s obvious that this act should be done secretively with her parents in the play.

  • Partner style

  • Girls are choosy when it comes to jewelry and same goes with the ring. She may put on a grin while you propose but deep down she’s hating the rock. To avoid that, focus on the current jewelry she’s wearing, does it have a lot of gold or silver or she’s a platinum kind of woman. If you match the style of her jewelry to the ring, you will score extra romantic brownie points that will last a lifetime.

  • Quality of the diamond

  • Diamond engagement rings have quality segregation, remember the ‘4 C’s’. For the uninitiated the 4 C’s are Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. Then there’s the diamond shape, round, princess, oval, pear and heart, also the setting, Tiffany, eternity, bezel, channel and pave’, it may sound like rocket science right now, but a day of research online and all of your doubts will be cleared.
    To avoid visiting several retail stores you can buy the ring online.

    There are several reputed brands that have their presence online and will guide you step-by-step on choosing an engagement ring that meets your criteria. Follow the aforementioned pointers and you will ease through the whole proposal process. Godspeed and go get her!

    Image Source:Unsplash